Hosted by Lucy Reis and Brooke Knappenberger, this week’s E23 tackles movies, fashion and more! John Messer discusses the battle royale shooters that are taking over the video game industry, the new DC movie spearheaded by Steven Spielberg and the rumors swirling around Billy Joel’s possible tenth album. Then, Savannah Ritzen and Brooke Knappenberger show us their favorite spring looks in this week’s package. With outfits from Forever 21, American Eagle, Target and more, we’re sure you’ll find some spring fashion inspiration! Bryce Cross gives us his review of Dwayne Johnson’s newest film “Rampage,” where the Rock shows off his typical fighting, shooting, helicopter-piloting, and….sign language abilities? See for yourself in this week’s Everyone’s a Critic. Later, Jacob Douglas and Brian Woods discuss the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War.” Brian provides us with the inside look, given to him by his “grandfather,” and Jacob predicts a cameo from Captain Marvel. All in this week’s E23!

E23 – April 19, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

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