E23- Oct. 22, 2015

E23 newbie hosts Africa Baker and Nora Thiemann weave MU students through this week’s crazy entertainment events. Headliner Arielle Cadet dives into the Lamar Odom update, gives you a few Hershey’s kisses (xoxo Gossip Girl), and discusses Drake’s turtle neck movement. A movement, E23 fashion correspondents hope MU leaves to alumni tigers. Lindsey Wilkerson wandered off to Spa Night held by Mizzou After Dark for some pampering but managed to find time to countdown the reasons why Mo. is an indecisive state. Korl Cusick encourages you to Spare the Skip on tracks that are a fall must while James Bender reveals MU students worst dating experiences first hand. Morgan Partney orchestrates incredible field coverage at the Missouri Theatre and Sam Maxfield gets a fan’s dream comes true as he interviews Trevor Hall. Monica Roselli sings off camera to her favorite tunes during the Lip-Syncing Bee hosted by RHA. Mikaela O’Barr gets up close and personal with MU dancing queens at the Black and Gold Drag Show. Be sure to follow E23 @mutv23 and check out exclusive E23 content on youtube! Thanks for watching!

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E23 Web Director Colleen Sloyan has been with MUTV for three semesters now. She is studying for a Bachelor of Journalism and a minor in Business.