E23- Oct. 29, 2015

E23 gets spooky with hosts Tana Kelley and Amos Chen. Amos tackles MU entertainment as the Mizzou offense as his costume (No costume? No offense.) Ian Nickens discusses the decades old vegetarian versus bacon lovers debacle and a FL country resident that’s gone over to the dark side. Tyra Murray pops over to McDavid for the Freaky Fright Fest with a cause while Morgan Partney sneaks in to cover Mizzou After Dark’s event Spooktacular. Arielle Cadet gets silly at Mizzou Comedy Wars and Kelli Goldman reminisces with students about their favorite Halloween memories. Feeling the fall slumps and are in need of a cuddle buddy? Sana Moore has you covered with this BAE filled Countdown. Fashion junkies Mackenzie Huck and Morgan Kopitsky debate fashion staples on the first ever IN & OUT edition of Coffee & Couture. Davis McCondichie drifts off far far away to a galaxy E23 likes to call Star Wars on this week’s Everyone’s a Critic. Be sure to check E23 on YouTube for more MUTV entertainment. Thanks for watching!

Colleen Sloyan, E23

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E23 Web Director Colleen Sloyan has been with MUTV for three semesters now. She is studying for a Bachelor of Journalism and a minor in Business.