E23: February 20, 2020

These are the segments produced by E23 on February 20, 2020

Gamers Cube: Fire Emblem DLC

E23’s Brian Woods is back to discuss “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” in this edition of Gamers Cube.

The Coronavirus and the Film Industry

E23’s Francisco Meléndez is here to discuss the effect that the coronavirus has had on the global film industry.

True/False Preview

The annual True/False Film Festival is close and E23 is here to tell you about which films they are excited to see.

Everyone’s a Critic: Horse Girl

E23’s David Winn gives his review of Netflix’s “Horse Girl” in this edition of Everyone’s a Critic.

Chinese New Year Package

E23’s Princess Bryant gives us a first-hand look at Chinese New Year Celebration near Mizzou’s campus.