E23: October 18, 2018

E23: October 18, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23 comes at you with a great show, hosted by the duo of Zack Hohenstein and Brian Woods! They lead us through the hottest entertainment news of the week! Kelsi Southard and Jake Mosher address the the talk around the “Fattest Bear” competition, an absolutely out of control Gender Reveal Party, and the surprising breakup of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in this week’s Headlines!

Reporter Jacqueline Lemp interviews Mizzou’s award winning Campus Movie Fest Director and Filmmaker, Marcelese Cooper to gain his perspective on his creative process. She also shares her top 5 favorite Ryan Gosling films with the return of Countdown!

Later, Reporters Princess Bryant and Megan Rubenstein cover the latest local fashion trends as they cover Missouri’s own “Show Me Fashion” Showcase. To top it off, Jake Mosher and Francisco Melendez go head to head in Pop Takes to argue which would be the WORST Disney Film to get a Live Action Remake!

We’ve got a packed show for you on this week’s E23!

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