E23: October 25, 2018

E23 – October 25, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23’s Halloween show is here! Decked out in costumes, Kelsi Southard and Brian Woods take us to this week’s Headlines, where Jacqueline Lemp tells us about the true star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s new Netflix series, while also sharing some creepy new technological advancements and global discoveries. Jacqueline then shows us Columbia’s excellent Halloween Showcase event and why people love to celebrate the holiday there!

Princess Bryant and Megan Rubinstein then discuss the newest Halloween costumes and fashion. You won’t believe what’s trending this time around!

Later, Francisco and Zack debate back and forth on who’s the scariest movie monster of them all…and also the most attractive?!

All in this week’s E23!

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