These are the segments produced by E23 on October 31st, 2019.

Pop Takez: Gauntlet of Ghouls

Join E23’s Francisco Melendez as he hosts a debate show on the worst costumes to make sexy on Halloween in this extra spooky edition of Pop Takez!

Spare the Skip: Jesus is King

Kanye West is back with “Jesus is King”. E23’s Brian Woods is here with self-proclaimed Kanye West expert Adam Hollmann to talk about the new album.

Gamers Cube: Outer Worlds

E23’s Brian Woods and Tyree Taylor talk some “Outer Worlds” in this week’s Gamers Cube!

Everyone’s a Critic: The Lighthouse

In the mood for a movie review? Allow E23’s David Winn to illuminate the shadows around the new horror flick everyone is talking about: “The Lighthouse”. Things may not be as black and white as they seem, after all…