By Olivia Jacobson, E23 Reporter

With spring break just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to find some new beach rock to listen to. Luckily for us, the band Captiva has got it covered. While the band’s slightly beachy yet rock-influenced sound may lead one to believe the musicians hail from a land of sunshine and palm trees, the band is actually based out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Captiva formed just over two years ago when two of the band’s members had to serve a high school detention together. While taking out the trash at the end of the day, the band began talking about music and the rest was history.

Now Captiva is slowly but surely beginning to take the music scene by storm. The band just recently finished its first extensive tour outside of their Midwest as its opened for The Expendables at Lifestylez SnoDaze in Colorado. Before leaving for the tour, Captiva released an album that received a great deal of unexpected press. Since returning from the tour, the band has seen its following steadily growing, and the band couldn’t be more excited.

However on top of just being musicians, the members of Captiva are also students all attending various colleges. The members say it’s a learning experience trying to balance the different aspects of their busy lives.

“There’s pressure from parents to focus on school and from friends to find time to spend with them. It’s difficult to find a balance between different parts of life,” Hank Wiedel said.

However, the band said it is determined to follow passion and say that music remains a number one priority. Captiva will continue to push themselves to grow as musicians and keep an open mind about its music. The band knows the road will be tough, but it is all well worth it.

When talking about music, Captiva emphasizes the importance of being honest. The band said it had a wake up call a while back where they realized that if its music wasn’t honest, it wasn’t worth listening to, and from then on, the number one goal became to be as open and honest as possible.

Not only does the band keep its music honest, but its performances honest as well.

“We’re really excited to be there no matter if there are five people or five hundred and we want to convey that in our performances,” Wiedel said.

The band does everything it can to get the crowd pumped up, even if that means getting in trouble for climbing on top of speakers. Captiva pulls inspiration for high-energy performances from bands such as Twenty-One Pilots or Rise Against put on, while they pull music inspiration from bands such as The Lonely Biscuits.

All in all, the band simply wants to be honest with its music and its fans. With such determination and charisma, Captiva is certainly a band to keep an eye on.