By Korl Cusick, E23 Reporter

Connor Leimer is not your average 19-year-old. While you’re studying for midterms and getting ready for spring break, he’s working on his new album in Nashville, Tennessee with Matt Rollings, a producer for famous acts like Willie Nelson, Billy Joel and Keith Urban.

He grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, a town full of music and creativity. But, KC, the “niche little city” is not all what it seems. Leimer described it as “great place to begin”. He said it is very selective and if you are favored by a promoter you get great support.

The city has a lot of young alternative rock bands. Leimer’s sound doesn’t exactly fit this criteria. It’s all over the place. In his October 2015 album, “Postcard,” songs range from reggae backgrounds to folky beats to a heavy guitar jam. James Bay, Josh Rouse, Dispatch, The Head and the Heart and John Mayer are just a few of his influences.

Leimer says he is also influenced by personal events. With all of these different sounds, it’s easy to see why he is unique.

He tries to tell a story with his records. Leimer says he wants to get to know people and for people to know him.

“I want people to know me as a person, as a friend,” Leimer said.

Musicians are creative, but they have to find a distinction and make music their own or they get bashed for it. Leimer said he is never trying to copy a sound or be someone else, which is why he has trouble playing covers.

“I’ve always wanted to just be myself,” Leimer said.

That’s definitely something you don’t hear every day listening to the radio or going through covers upon covers posted all over YouTube.

His big hit was The Dorm Room Tour with 17 shows in 15 states, all primarily on the East Coast. He does not have an agent, so he hit up his friends at different schools who agreed to host shows. The venues had a great intimacy factor, as he performed in places like dorm rooms, frat houses and even rooftops.

Leimer traveled with a videographer in his mom’s Buick across the country. He wanted to incorporate college since he was not a college student. He could have traveled from bar to bar instead, but he said it is only good if you can pull in people. It’s hard to get people to show up to venues when neither of you know the other.

Even though The Dorm Room Tour was a great start, Leimer dreams of performing at the open-air Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado placed smack dab in the middle of nature. Leimer says there is not a bad seat in the whole venue, which is perfect because he loves connecting with his fans.

His upcoming record is expected to be released in fall 2016. Leimer calls it the best record he’s ever made. He writes all of his own songs.

Unlike his previous album, he says it is focused and there’s one sound on it.

Leimer is even filming a music video all the way in New York in the upcoming months.

Even though he says he is pretty far into a solo career, he would love to collaborate with some people in a similar genre. From his charming personality to his sick outfits and musical talents, Connor Leimer is definitely someone to watch out for.