By Haley Broughton, E23 Reporter

Local indie rock-folk band Violet and the Undercurrents recently played at Rose Music Hall, a venue defined by the genuine artists who play there. The band’s latest album, “WAVES,” was released in 2014, and according to lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Violet Vonder Haar, the album was a huge turning point for the band.

The band includes Vonder Haar, drummer Phylshawn Johnson, cellist Caitlin Lukin, bassist Linda Bott and part-time guitarist Lizzy Weiland. Each member also provides back up vocals.

Although Violet and the Undercurrents identifies as indie rock-folk, the band (and its fans) claims it’s hard to pin its sound down to just one genre, especially because of how much the group has changed over the years. Each member has her own individual tastes in music and was taught to play instruments in various ways. Cellist Lukin was trained classically, and the lead singer Vonder Haar spent time learning opera. All of these influences come together and fuse with the new sound to create the music Violet and the Undercurrents play now.

The band has toured across the country spreading its music to anyone willing to listen. The band loves Colorado, but Vonder Haar said one of her personal favorite venues was The Green Frog in Belllingham, Washington because of how close it is to Canada. Vonder Haar said the group members constantly learn about themselves and what their music means to them, and thus is always growing.

When asked about Columbia, its excellent music scene is not typically at the forefront of conversation. I consider this is a huge problem, because so many talented local musicians end up under the radar. Major indie groups such as Delta Rae and Houndmouth have played at Rose Music Hall, but the venue’s claim to fame lies in the outstanding musicians that come straight out of Columbia and the small surrounding towns.

Sam Doll attended the band’s concert at the venue and has been a longtime fan of Violet and the Undercurrents.

“These are professional musicians,” Doll said. “Just because they’re playing at a smaller venue doesn’t mean they’re not awesome musicians.”

Violet and the Undercurrents is currently working on its next album. Vonder Haar says the sound is completely different from the band’s previous album and should be an exciting next chapter for the band. Violet and the Undercurrent’s music is on Spotify, iTunes, or on the band’s website: