Ellen Page offers strong voice, met with praise

By Madison Silvey, E23

Everyone knows the beloved, sarcastic and progressive character of Juno who was able to put a humorous twist on the struggles of teenage pregnancy. This movie tackled modern issues for teenage girls and was able to make those in the same situation feel as though they were not alone. The character of Juno was played by the then-incoming starlette, Ellen Page. In this movie, Page was able to give a voice to those who did not know they had one before.

Page flew under the radar for awhile as far as social issues go. However, she is back now but this time she is starring as herself in everyday life by speaking out as not only an advocate for the LGBT community but as an out lesbian herself. Page opened up about herself at the HRC “Time to Thrive” event in front of an entire audience of the LGBT community in Las Vegas, Nev., on Valentine’s Day. She began her speech by showing praise to those of the group who were teachers, students and just individuals who were too afraid to even open up to their parents on the emotions they were dealing with. After, Page began to discuss the pressure caused by those in Hollywood to not only conform to society but to always be what the public wants, rather than what you want.

One major accusation she made was toward a reporting group who had labeled Ellen as that of a “massive man.” It turned out that this group was the high profiled network E!. The article was deleted once viewers went looking for it, and there is debate among reporters if the article was taken down before or after Page’s speech. The former “Juno” star’s announcement not only brought a new voice to the LGBT community, but it also caused reporters to take a second look at pieces they produce. Page even made a point to make reference to Mizzou’s own Michael Sam when pointing out those who exhibit courage. Ellen Page opened up to the entire crowd and stated “And I am here today because I am gay and because maybe I can make a difference” to which she was met with a standing ovation.