Photo by Bethany C. Cates.


By Bethany C. Cates

Black History Month might have come to an end, but the University of Missouri is still recognizing Black health and wellness. 

The State Historical Society of Missouri has partnered with MU Libraries to present a standing exhibit of artwork, photographs, and cartoons from historical collections located at The State Historical Society. The exhibit, titled “Black Health and Wellness”, depicts the hardships, difficulties, and achievements of African-Americans during the 20th century. 

To take a trip back in time, the 20th century was a time of revolutionary transformations in terms of the political and legal status of African-American individuals. African-Americans were in the midst of a movement to achieve social justice and equal rights under law in the United States. Most individuals were tasked with high labor jobs, and most were unlikely to be in school at this time. The ongoing fight for a life of normality was a hard battle fought by African-Americans during the 20th century.

Located in MU’s Ellis Library on the second floor, anyone can take a few minutes to admire the artwork displayed within the glass cases.

The standing exhibit will remain in the library until May 23.

Edited by Ryan Cohen