Erica Upshaw Visits Mizzou for Alcohol Awareness


October 15

Erica Upshaw visited Mizzou to raise awareness about alcohol abuse among college students. Students packed in to Jesse Auditorium to hear Upshaw’s moving recount of her brother’s, Joe Upshaw, death from alcohol abuse and a drug called GHB. Joe Upshaw was a student at Ohio State University who was very involved in the Greek system. Erica focused her speech to a wide group of Greek attendance. She first recounted the night that she heard of Joe’s death and then gave the crowd tips on how to “party smart.” She advised students to take action if they think a friend is suffering from either drug or alcohol abuse. More importantly she advised them not to be afraid to reach out to the police if they think someone is in danger. Erica explained how in two small hours after Joe consumed the drug he died, and how his fellow fraternity brothers could have detected the warning signs. Erica also explained how after Joe’s death she started to abuse alcohol, and how she finally turned her life around and became an advocate for college students who are facing the same problems she did. Erica now travel’s all over the state to gain awareness and to keep Joe’s memory alive.