By Zairai Moore, GMM Reporter

Hey Tigers!

As the days begin to get shorter, the cool breeze starts to peek through the sun and jeans and sweaters start to make their way around campus and the mall, we realize that sun dress and short season is coming to an end. It is time to dust of your coats, jeans, and sweaters! It is officially spooky season. Yes, it is fall! What to wear? Even though it does not feel like fall here are some tips that should help you stay warm and cute. The outfit choices are more for the feminine style.

Before we jump into the outfits we must talk about all the essential items for fall. Starting with an Infinity scarf, beanie or a hat, thigh highs (it is not Ugg season yet even though it feels like it). Also ripped jeans, a long jacket of any color and a flannel. I tried to incorporate all the essentials I could.

When you think of fall what outfit comes to your head? If you go on any website or youtube video there is one essential outfit to wear for fall. The outfit would be a sweater of any color preferably colorful. Then add ripped jeans and thigh high boots.

The second outfit is more on the dressed up side but it is still easy to find. This outfit has a fur vest with a white long sleeve shirt and leggings. You can add jeans and then some cute black boots. I would add the infinity scarf to this outfit.

The next outfit is inspired by those college days that you just want to roll out of bed. This outfit is more on the chill side. It is a hoodie with a vest and leggings. I added some Vans but any shoe would work. I add a vest but a jean jacket is always a sassy touch. I would add a beanie or hat.

Outfit 4: This outfit is for those days where its fall but does not feel like it. I did a long white shirt with a pink skirt and you can add tights. Then you could add those thigh highs. I would add the infinity scarf to this one, too.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Catch me next week with more tips for fall.

MUTV Exec, GMM Digital Director