Fall Fashions: What’s In Style This Season? 

By: Danielle Spanburg, E23 Staffer

The question is what to wear, what to wear…? We unfortunately no longer have Joan Rivers to tell us what not to wear, but thankfully I can give you a hint on what to wear this season.

It’s finally fall! One day it’s warm, but the next day it drops about thirty degrees cooler. Welcome to good ole Missouri! No matter what the temperature is, these days you’ll look around every corner and see girls wearing the puffy vests. These are very in for the season. Even the guys are wearing them in fleece. The hottest vests around at the moment come from J. Crew, but if you’re looking for a vest on a budget no need to fear! Since they are such a hot commodity, right now they’re everywhere. From looking at Marshall’s to Gap you’ll find them and they look just as great as J. Crew’s.

Now, obviously we can’t wear just a vest outside, that would be silly! So what to wear with the vest? Just like last fall, knit sweaters as well as cotton ones are still very in and you can never have enough of them! The baggier look is more in style versus a tight sweater this season. Elbow pads on the sweaters, made of either leather or cotton, are a huge trend as well. If you don’t feel like wearing a vest that day, get the layered look and put a collared shirt just underneath you sweater for a very classy sophisticated outfit.

Though it may feel like spring some days in Missouri, we have to remember that it’s fall and realize how much we can do with outfits for this season. Great colors to wear are maroon, navy, and of course, the classic black. More neutral fall colors are also in, such as creams and brown are also in, but as of right now, the popular colors are those three.

Now, what patterns should we wear? Should we stay basic or be bold? Styles are completely up to you, but right now polka dots and horizontal stripes are the thing to wear. Though, it is always good to make sure the horizontal lines hit in just the right spot and don’t make you look bigger than you are! Make sure you try everything on that has stripes to be sure it is the perfect look. Once you find the perfect shirt, you will arrive in style to wherever you’re going! If you can’t find that perfect patterned shirt, you can just keep it basic and look just as cute with a solid color. A solid color can create a simple outfit you can throw together and mix up different colors and items of clothing. Throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans, or of course girl’s everyday favorite, leggings. And if you’re aiming for a more girly look, go with a skirt but tights are a must with skirts.

Last thing we can’t forget, shoes! Depending on your style of boots, tall riding boots or combat boots will look fantastic this season! For a final touch, textile and apparel management professor, Jaime Mestres, from the University of Missouri says, “Everyone needs a few scarves for fall!” So if you’re wondering what you should add to an outfit, you can add a scarf or a fun statement necklace (which you can buy almost anywhere for a great bargain). What’s better than looking super cute and being comfortable?!