Farmers Market comes to Mizzou

Despite undesirable weather, the Mizzou farmer’s market proves successful
On Thursday, October 24, the Mizzou Wellness Resource Center staged their mid-semester farmer’s market on Lowry Mall. The market, which was comprised of local mid-Missouri farmers, was selling their products of choice to MU students.         At the market, local farmers such as Grandma Barb’s pies and Legacy Beef, of which provide the meat in the Plaza 900 dining hall and at Mort’s, were selling a wide variety of local, fresh products, including: grass-fed beef, pies, cookies, and organic jams and jellies. For much of the day, students could be seen grouped around the different tents, purchasing variety of foods. Unfortunately, as the weather’s status decreased, so did the attendance rate. However, throughout the rainy and cold weather, the farmers remained cheery and enthusiastic. In the midst of the rain, Alex Rory, a sophomore at Mizzou, who promotes Legacy Beef, as they provide the meet in his fraternity, was shouting encouraging and comical statements about why to purchase a warm hamburger from Legacy Beef. At one point, he could be heard yelling that Legacy Beef makes “women more beautiful and men smarter.” Despite the validities of his statements, students still purchased a warm meal on a cold day.

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