Films from Around the World

About 150-200 people, including community members and Mizzou students, showed up at the Student Center for the seventh annual International Film Festival sponsored by the Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
Five films were shown telling inspiring stories from people around the world. Topics included labor rights, women’s empowerment, and conservation.
The first film, Kinyarwanda, tells of the Rwandan genocide. Director Alrick Brown was at the festival to speak with the moviegoers about his experiences of making the documentary and serving in western Africa while in the Peace Corps. Brown said he hopes to give everyone an inspiring message by telling the story of the Rwandan people.
Artwork, jewelry, and T-shirts were for sale along with a silent auction with proceeds going towards independent films and bringing the directors to the festival. Free food was also available.
The volunteers working at the festival all served in the Peace Corps at one time. The focus for this film festival was the Peace Corps third goal: “Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” In other words, to share your story.
Brown was extremely pleased with the turnout because it gave him the opportunity, in his words, “to share his experiences along with the inspiring story of the Rwandan people.” It was obvious, with some movie watchers fighting back tears, the message was delivered loud and clear.

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