Fitness Tips for College Girls

By: Sana Moore, E23 Reporter

Ladies do you want that rockin’ firecracker, “damn baby” body? Do you want to be able to walk the beach freely without an ounce of you jiggling? Is time the only thing holding you back from the gym? Don’t worry because if you keep reading, you can try some helpful exercises that can have you with a “damn baby you fine as wine!” body by summer time. There are only three things needed for this to work out: they are consistency, water and a banging playlist!

Suck it in tight ladies! I’m talking about your core! It can be as easy as sucking in your core while walking. Tightening your core muscles helps train your inner girdle to become stronger. Another nice exercise to do for the core is to do 50 situps when you wake up and 50 before you go to sleep. This is where consistency comes in! Plus starting your day off with a slight burn from working out can help your day go smoother!

Flex! Keep it tight! Do you want the Kim K booty? Well you can get yours to be perfect and perky. While brushing your teeth in the morning do a wall sit! A wall sit is when your back is against the wall and your feet are planted on the ground making a 90-degree angle. This will help strengthen your thigh muscles. While out and about, take long strides while tightening your buttocks. Make sure you feel a tightness in your buttocks and thighs. For a challenge, speed up your pace and tighten your buttocks. Before you go to bed go to mirror and turn to your side and do about 25 squats to sculpt that soon to be Kim K booty!

Now, the best part of every day… I’m talking about eating! Unfortunately, we can’t eat all of our favorite greasy, sugary and salty foods everyday and still have our dream body. However, planning out an eating guide and watching your intake of calories can definitely help. About 70% of what you eat affects the body and about 30% is the physical workouts done to help maintain the body’s figure. Also, alternatives can be helpful and a great introduction to new foods. For example, instead of eating a Kit-Kat Bar or a bag of Sour Patch Kids try a fruit bowl that can be bought at any supermarket or dining hall. Fruits naturally have sugars inside of them, causing your sugar tooth to be satisfied. Instead of having fries everyday with your burger or sandwich, try a salad. In the salad you will get the same crunchiness you would get from a French fry. However, when eating a salad, remember don’t choose dressing that are thick and creamy because the thicker dressings have more fats in them. Oils and vinaigrettes can be a great substitute! Lastly, the most important thing for your body is water! Drinking water helps cleanse and wash out the toxins left in your body. Try to eliminate all sodas from your diet and substitute them with pure fruit juices or cheaper substitute water!

Hopefully, these quick exercises are helpful in helping you get that rockin’ firecracker, “damn baby” body by the summer! Remember ladies, its all about consistency, water and having that banging playlist that keeps you going throughout the entire day. Also, motivate yourself by telling yourself that you are amazing and doing a fantastic job everyday! Motivation helps you move closer to your goal!