By Arielle Cadet, E23 Reporter

I know that plenty of people are looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with that special someone, but if you’re anything like me, I know you will be more than satisfied with a nice night in with the girls, a bowl of popcorn and a classic movie. I’m ready for Galentine’s Day, folks. So if you’re having a little bit of trouble choosing the best line up of movies, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

1. “He’s Just Not That Into You”

Number 1 on my list of best Valentine’s Day movies to watch with the girls is “He’s Just Not That Into You,” starring some of my favorite actresses such as Jennifer Anniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin. This goofy film follows nine individuals in the city of Baltimore as they battle with that crazy little thing called love. All of the characters have their own stories, which we soon start to see connect. It’s an amazing film and definitely one to watch if your recent heartbreak is still on your mind.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

Next on my list is a 90’s classic. Based loosely on the Shakespeare play, “Taming of the Shrew,” this film follows Julia Stiles who plays the “shrew” Kat Stratford, who is, unlike her perfect sister Bianca, mean and antisocial. When nerdy Cameron James, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, falls for the beautiful Bianca, he is disappointed to find out that he will not be able to date her unless Kat has a boyfriend first. Cameron schemes to set Kat up with new kid Patrick Verona, played by Heath Ledger, who is just as scary as Kat. This movie is one of my favorites and isn’t too much of a mushy love story. It’s the perfect amount of comedy and romance that will have you and your girls laughing and crying.

3. 50 First Dates

I know that this movie is a little bit of a sappy one, but it is a classic that I couldn’t help putting on this list. Follow Adam Sandler as he relives the same day with the love of his life, played by Drew Barrymore, who suffers from short-term memory loss. Now if you think you won’t laugh and cry at the first two movies, this one will make you do at least one of those actions.

4. The Proposal

The movie stars the one and only Sandra Bullock. She plays career-obsessed Margaret Tate who faces deportation back to her native country, Canada. Hoping to stop this deportation she proposes to her assistant Matthew, played by Ryan Reynolds. Before the two wed, Margaret is forced to fly to Alaska to meet Matthew’s interesting family members, which leads to some hilarious outcomes. Like in every rom-com that we all both know and love, Margaret does not expect to fall for Matthew but we all know how these stories go.

5. Cruel Intentions

Last but certainly not least on my list is another 90’s classic. Now of course I would save the best for last, as this is certainly my favorite movie of all time and is a great one to watch with the girls. Follow stepsiblings Kathryn and Sebastian played by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Philippe as they plot to deflower the new headmaster’s daughter Annette, played by Reese Witherspoon. Kathryn bets that Sebastian will not be able to fulfill the task but Sebastian is more than confident. You’ll see what happens once Sebastian gets to know Annette a little better.

That ties it up for my list of the best movies to watch on Galentine’s Day with the girls. Hopefully we can all forget that we don’t have a bae and can enjoy cheesy chick flicks with our best friends. Be sure to give my list a try- you will not be disappointed.