By Shade Bullock, 23News Reporter 

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun with friends, part-time jobs and —for some of us— preparation for college. There is so much to do in just three short months. From dorm room shopping to figuring out meal plans and stressing over parking passes, the summer before your freshman year of college can be hectic.

Luckily, Summer Welcome can clear the confusion by helping incoming students select the best classes, meet other students and learn more about their new home. To make the most of your Summer Welcome, here are some tips to take into consideration before you arrive.

1. Bring all of your technology with you to summer welcome.
Stop by Tiger Tech with all of your devices (laptops, tablets, cellphones, etc.). Tech support will help you set up your devices under Mizzou Wi-Fi. The tech whizzes will install Microsoft office, connect your devices up to your dorm printers and sync your student email on all of your devices.

2. Look at laptop deals at Summer Welcome.
If you purchase a bundle deal with your laptop, you receive a three-year warranty, free backpack, 15GB flash drive, surge protector and an Ethernet cord and adapter.  Apple also offers a pair of free beats with a purchase of a laptop.

3. Make time to speak with a financial aid adviser.
I highly suggest finding time in your busy summer welcome schedule to sit down with an adviser at the financial aid office— located in the basement of Jesse Hall —to discuss your options. Online, the financial aid process is very confusing and stressful. However, in person, an adviser can help make sense of everything.

4. Make friends with the people in your Summer Welcome group.
Your Summer Welcome group typically has a few students that will live in the same residence hall as you. Now is a good time to get to know some of your new neighbors.

5. The early bird gets the worm.
Plan your Summer Welcome as soon as possible for the best choice of classes. The later Summer Welcome date you have, the fewer classes you will have to choose from.

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