By Nicole Harrington, 23News Reporter

Summer Welcome is super exciting although it can be a bit intimidating as well. You want to get the most out of this experience and leave feeling like you can call MU your home. But what should you expect from Summer Welcome? You should expect a fun two days filled with information and experiences. Orientation can be a mystery before you arrive, so here are five tips to survive Summer Welcome.

1. Stay in the Residence Halls

One of the best parts about Summer Welcome is being able to stay in the residence halls with your future classmates! Even if you’re not staying in that specific hall, you’ll get a feeling of the community and what it will be like to live in a small area with other people!

2. Participate in Small Group Activities

The small group activities ranged from icebreaker games to doing some of MU’s greatest traditions like riding the tiger and chanting “I love Mizzou” three times in Speakers Circle. Make sure that you get the most out of these activities by participating! You’ll have more fun and meet more people if you put effort into having fun during the small group sessions and activities.

3. Go to Revue

Revue is the end-of-the-day show put on by your Summer Welcome leaders. It’s filled with dancing, comedy and heartfelt skits. It is not mandatory, but it is so worth it! You’ll laugh and cry and you won’t regret going to this spectacular event!

4. Be Social

Once day one is done, all of the students head back to the residence halls and have a pizza dance party! Be social and go to this event! My roommate and I were hesitant because it is much easier to just stay with the people you know. We ended up deciding to go to the event and got the chance to make new friends. It gives you the opportunity to talk to people in a relaxed and social environment. Once you go to campus in the fall you’ll then be able to meet with the people you met at Summer Welcome and grow your friendships!

5. Be Early to your Academic Adviser Appointment

This tip can’t be stressed enough! If you are scheduled for an 8:30 a.m. advisory appointment, be there at 8:00 a.m.! This allows you to be first in line when the appointments start, and you won’t have to wait an additional half an hour before another adviser is available. When I went to my advisory meeting I was there at 8:25 a.m. for my 8:30 a.m. appointment and didn’t sit with an advisor until 8:55. Be early, start early, finish early!

Summer Welcome is the start of your college experience, so make it count! Use these tips as an outline to make your orientation experience the best it can possibly be! This is your time to become a Mizzou Tiger!

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