Fluffy GRL Spreads Body Positivity at Love Your Body Photo Shoot

Danielle Katz- MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Last Thursday, Fluffy GRL celebrated Women’s History Month with a photo shoot in the Women’s Center, where the organization encouraged participants to wear pin-up-themed attire or go naked in their photos to share messages of embracing all body sizes and types.

Fluffy GRL became an official MU organization in Nov. 2013 and has since held many events to promote body positivity. This is the second time that the group has done this photo shoot.

“I think this event is important just because of the simple fact that a lot of people don’t see themselves as beautiful no matter what size they are,” said Antonia Martin, Fluffy GRL member. “I feel that to be able to get up, take pictures, feel confident and sexy and know I can take off my clothes and still look great is empowering.”

The Women’s Center typically remains open to the public, but Fluffy GRL put up black sheets across the windows to protect participants’ privacy. Only women and individuals who identify as female could enter the room.

Fluffy GRL provided two separate areas for the photo shoot: an open space for participants following the theme and a private room where clothing was optional.

“We encourage people to embrace the fluff. That’s a line that we always say within our group,” said Khalida Bennett, Fluffy GRL historian. “I want people to see that because everybody’s not a size 2, there are women out there that actually love their body, look amazing, dress their bodies amazingly and they are expressive just like models. They are carrying themselves with high self-esteem and being positive.”

To Bennett, loving your body means embracing your identity in all circumstances.

“It’s embracing how you look when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night and take off whatever you put on – the make-up, the lipstick, your clothes – but when you’re totally naked, you’re just loving every part of you – every curve, stretchmark, crease, dent – that you have in your body,” Bennett said.

Fluffy GRL is not only active at MU. The group also works with Columbia youth.

“We’re trying to put the word out that there are people actually fighting for young girls to have high self-esteems about their bodies,” Bennett said.

The organization has started to prepare for its annual Fluffy GRL Summit, a fashion show, on Apr. 18, and all women are welcome to participate. Many students will join this event for the first time.

“We have some new girls that are not as fluffy, which we are so excited about because we feel like it would bring more girls to our organization to see that it’s not just fat girls or fluffy girls,” Bennett said. “It’s all women of all shapes and sizes embracing the fluff.”

To join the upcoming show or its outreach efforts, contact the Women’s Center.

“Just look out for Fluffy GRL. Look out for all our events and come to them,” Bennett said. “We are embracing who we are and we want everybody else to do the same.”

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