Former Prince of the Mafia Visits Mizzou

Michael Franzese, former mob boss, visits Mizzou.

Thursday, Feb. 9 –

Michael Franzese was one of the most powerful members of the mob in New York during the 60s. He was given such titles like, “The Prince of the Mafia.”

He had no choice but to be surrounded by the mob life from the moment he was born because his father was the “under-boss” of the Columbo crime family. After his father was indicted in the federal court and sent to prison, Franzese decided to join the mob with the intention of getting his father out of prison.

The mob life is not something to be taken lightly. People who join the mob dedicate everything to the family. They take an oath to serve the family, and not just any oath, they take a blood oath once they become worthy of induction into the mafia.

After 20 years of mob life, Franzese met his wife Camille.

“I knew that life wasn’t for her,” said Franzese. ”So I had to make a choice. She didn’t force me to make a choice because she didn’t know what I was involved in to that extent. I had to choose between my former life or a life with her and I chose her.”

Franzese was put in jail for 10 years for racketeering.

Now Franzese works with the NBA, MLB and many other organizations, traveling the country talking about his life and giving advice to not weigh ourselves down with baggage, whether its gambling or something else.

He informed everyone who attended his presentation at Jesse Hall that if anyone has a problem that they want to talk to him about, either anonymously or not, anyone can email him at He said if they have an issue they want to talk to him about, he is more than happy to help.

– Alyssa McKee
23 News
Staff Writer