Former UM President’s House Reopens to Hold Special Events

Former UM President’s House Reopens to Hold Special Events

By: Danielle Katz, E23 Staffer


The former UM presidential residence, Providence Point, where eight past UM System presidents and their families have lived, can now be booked as meeting and event space.

Last fall, a year after announcing that he wanted to live somewhere that is more family-friendly, current UM System president Tim Wolfe moved out of the home. Many of his predecessors have expressed similar discourse over the years.

The building will not host personal, political, or promotion events, and John Fougere, Chief Communications Officer, said that this rule stands to uphold the residence’s prestige as the facility takes on this new role.

“It is important for the University to maintain the high level of recognition and prominence that Providence has and will continue to receive from those who are invited as guests,” Fougere said.

The house will continue to be used for events hosted by Wolfe and his wife that will entertain guests from around the state, nation, and world. The house’s new purpose also may serve students more as well.

“By opening up the residence to university and other community groups for meetings and gatherings that had not been done in the past, students might have a better opportunity to attend an event at Providence Point than they did previously,” Fougere said.

The University of Missouri invested around $200,000 to renovate the property. During 2012 and 2013, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems were repaired, worn flooring was replaced, and new furniture was purchased to prepare the residence for its new use.

Providence Point will maintain tradition as a vehicle of promotion for the university and its four campuses. Fougere hopes that the residence’s new identity will promote the residence and in turn promote the UM System in a new light.

“The greater opportunity to promote the residence also means greater promotion and visibility of the University of Missouri and its mission, which could lead to greater donations to the university that would benefit future students,” Fougere said.

The rates for university and external groups depend on the amount of guests. The rate for university groups that would have less than 50 guests is $600, and for university groups with 50+ guests, it is $750. For external groups, the cost for less than 50 guests is $750, and for 50+ guests, the price is $1200.

More rental information is available on the UM System website at