By Arielle Cadet, E23 Reporter

Saturday mornings when I was a kid was spent with a bowl of sugary cereal, my most comfy pajamas and a classic television show. One of my favorites to watch every Saturday morning was “Full House,” and I know I’m not the only one.

The series held some many treasured childhood memories that many people know and love. From little Michelle’s “you got it dude,” to Uncle Jesse’s “have mercy,” the show was amazing from start to finish. When news broke out that Netflix was producing a spin-off of the beloved TV show, everyone was beyond ecstatic and voracious for the chance to relive their childhoods. The spin-off, “Fuller House,” premiered on Feb. 26 at midnight, and I have to say the show is as cute as can be.

The first episode of the series was by the far the best, and it definitely brought back all the feels. The original characters all got together in the classic “Full House” house and I was practically flashing back to the early ‘90s. Uncle Jesse, Danny, Joey, Aunt Becky and even the twins were all special guest stars in the episode.

In the episode, D.J. Tanner has three boys- Jackson, Max and little baby Tommy- and after the loss of her husband, she is swamped with the responsibilities of a single mother. I admired how the show is the same storyline of the original show, only it is gender-flipped.

All of the adults and Stephanie come back to have one last hurrah before Danny sells the house and moves to Los Angeles. The characters sit around the breakfast table reminiscing about old times in the home and are interrupted by none other than Kimmy Gibbler. The whole crew was there and the only thing missing was the Olsen twins, who were unable to make the reunion. The cast pokes fun at her by looking into the camera, breaking the fourth wall and giving everyone a great laugh. The rest of the episode provided plenty of nostalgia.

As Uncle Jesse cracked more jokes and sang “Forever” to Aunt Becky and Joey brought his puppet Mr. Woodchuck to make everyone laugh, the whole episode was full of love. I watched as Danny Tanner bonded with his grandson on cleaning techniques and felt a tug on my heartstrings when he finally gave Kimmy a hug. At the end of the episode, Stephanie and Kimmy decide to move in and help D.J. with the kids and Danny lets them stay in the house, because would we have it any other way?

My favorite thing about the show is that it provides the cheesy, good feelings of the original series. Each episode ends with a lesson and group hug with a soothing violin playing in the background, and it just brings you back to those Saturday mornings spent watching the show. The best part and the most emotional part of the episode was the side by side singing of the Flintstone theme song from the “Full House” and “Fuller House” first episodes.

Overall, the show is an amazing walk down memory lane and provides a great release from those stressful college days. So go ahead, grab a bowl of popcorn or your favorite sugary cereal and binge-watch this amazing show.