Glee Underdogs Give Front-runners Rachel and Kurt a Show

Tuesday, Oct. 4 –

Watch out New Directions, there’s only room for one diva at McKinley

“It’s not about doing your best. It’s about doing better,” said Schuster, setting the tone for the third episode of the season.

As the final casting for West Side Story draws near, the members of New Directions are making every effort to impress the judges.

The episode kicks off with Will finding a big box of commitment in Emma’s closet, and by commitment I mean bridal magazines- lots of them. Will confronts Emma, prompting them to take the next step in their relationship.

With the episode’s title deriving from Mike Chang’s below par grade on an assignment, the “Asian F,” Mike’s father is putting more pressure on him than ever before. Blaming the New Directions as the reason behind Mike’s failure, his disapproval may keep this “fleet-footed dance ninja” from taking the stage again.

Mercedes is a diva, and you best not forget that. Problem is, she often forgets it herself. Now that she has her boyfriend, Bubba, around to motivate her, however, Mercedes has taken on a new attitude and there’s no turning back. Sick of being second place to Rachel Berry, Mercedes proves she’s leading lady material by auditioning for the role of Maria, the female lead Rachel has already claimed.

After being kicked to the curb by Kurt, Brittany ended her stint as a campaign manager and upgraded to a competitor. That’s right, Brittany S. Pierce is running for senior class president. Kicking off her campaign with a crowd-pleasing performance of Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)”, Brittany is ready to win.

With a set list featuring songs ranging from Coldplay and Jennifer Hudson to showstoppers like Fame and Dreamgirls, this episode is sure to be a fan favorite.

As the third episode stirs up the drama, viewers will be left to contemplate the fate of the cast due to a month-long break in the season. Look for Glee’s return this November!

– Tess Catlett
The Prowl
Staff Writer

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