By Kayla Johnson, E23 Reporter

Initially, when I heard that Fox would be doing a live televised production of the 1978 classic, I had my presumptions. It was not long after NBC’s impressive live production of “The Wiz” when I saw the commercial for Fox’sGrease: Live!” on television. I figured Fox was trying to compete with NBC and made the mistake of assuming that the televised spectacular wouldn’t be as good as it truly was.

As a fan of several musicals including “Grease, I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the show. I appreciate how there wasn’t a significant difference between this production and the original. The performances, production, sets and even costumes closely mirrored those of the original.

I loved that the cast of the show represented all ethnicities and was more racially diverse than the original film. Each cast member did an excellent job of embodying his or her own role and bringing it back to life.  The addition of Didi Conn, the original Frenchy, as diner waitress Vi was also a sweet surprise. It was surreal to watch her give Frenchy, played by singer Carly Rae Jepsen, career advice.

One standout was Vanessa Hudgens, who played Rizzo. Hudgens gave a powerful performance despite facing personal tragedy. “Grease Live!” was dedicated in the memory of her  father, who died on Jan. 30.

The musical performances were electrifying! Not only were they full of energy, they also featured performances from world-renowned musicians like Jessie J, Joe Jonas, and Boyz II Men.

My favorite part of the show was watching Keke Palmer, who played Marty, transition from set to set and from costume to costume in a matter of seconds during “Freddy My Love.” In addition to Jordan Fisher’s, or Doody’s, performance of “Those Magic Changes,” I also really enjoyed watching Boyz II Men sing as angels to Frenchy in “Beauty School Dropout.”

There were differences I noticed in comparison to NBC’s “The Wiz.” The first noticeable differences of the show were the live audience, which added a lot of excitement and energy to the show, and the addition of host Mario Lopez. Also, between commercial breaks viewers were taken behind the scenes and watched as the cast transitioned from one scene to the next. However, “Grease: Live!” was an outstanding production in its own right. I believe that all musical buffs and ”Grease” fans will absolutely love the show. Overall, I give the show five stars and two thumbs up.