Greek Week Fling Finals

At Jesse Hall on April 19, the top five Greek Week pairings were called back to Fling Finals, a performance competition.

During the preliminary rounds, each pairing showcased their talent in a skit that ended with a cliffhanger. During Friday’s performance, the finalists acted out their concluding scenes in hopes of winning over the judges and receiving the top prize.

The overarching theme of Greek Week 2013 was “Myths and Legends.” Each pairing illustrated the theme by incorporating mythical characters.

The fifth place finishers, Kappa Alpha Theta/Beta Theta Pi, revived the legend of Christopher Columbus on the stage.

Coming in fourth was Alpha Delta Pi/Delta Tau Delta/Acacia for their tribute to the Greek God Hercules.

Alpha Phi and Alpha Gamma Rho’s lead character was an Easter Bunny by day and a crime fighter by night. The unique storyline launched the pairing to third place.

Kappa Kappa Gamma/Lambda Chi Alpha/Sigma Pi’s Sherlock Holmes inspired skit took the audience on a journey through the London streets to solve a mystery.

Pi Beta Phi/Alpha Epsilon Pi/Sigma Tau Gamma took home the first place crown in their King Arthur inspired skit.

The Fling Final results, as well as the remaining Greek Week announcements, were revealed on April 22 outside Jesse Hall.

-Hannah Saulic and Amber Smith


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