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Hot Topic Around Campus

Fire Factor

Shelby Gyger – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Students and members of the community rounded up in Speaker’s Circle on Sept. 18 for the 14th Annual Fire Factor, part of Safe Mizzou Week.

Over the years as Safe Mizzou Week has grown from Safety Day back in to a full week of events and information about pedestrian safety, seat belt safety, fire safety and bicycle safety just to name a few. Fire Factor was first created in 2000 to show students not only how fast a fire alarm detects smoke but also to show students how fast a fire goes from flame, the first moment a flame is visible, to flashover, when fire is at a fully developed stage and all combustible materials in the room are burning.

It was recorded that this years Fire Factor took only 01:02 min to be detected by the alarms and only 02:56 min to reach flashover at which point the fire was extinguished.

New to this year’s event, there was an added kitchen complete with a microwave, stove and kitchen cabinets in addition to the traditional dorm room.

”Honestly the feedback that we get from the event itself it very beneficial to us because of the comments that they make, a lot of them when they sit here and see it they don’t realize how fast that smoke detector goes off,” said Assistant Fire Marshall of the MU Jim Paisley. “You know within a minute the smoke detector is going off well it takes another 3 minutes for the fire to really be bad but in 2 minutes when you inhale that smoke that could be deadly too so it’s an eye opener.”

“I think most people think like I do like you have time to gather your stuff and then get out but you really should just get out,” said MU student Laura Mikytuck.

The 15th Annual Fire Factor is planned to take place next fall as part of an even larger Safe Mizzou Week.

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