“How I Met Your Mother” meets its final season with success

By Hannah Cuthbertson, The Prowl

After eight seasons and 31 “girlfriends,” viewers finally got a glimpse of Ted and the still-unnamed Mother together at the end of the one hour season premiere on Monday night.

The show picked up right where the previous season left off.  Whether you keep up with the show on a regular basis, or like so many others, Netflix binge watch it and then impatiently wait for it’s return, the kick-off episode of “How I Met Your Mother” was as “legend-wait for it-dary” as ever.

While the humor seemed slightly cheesy and a little out of tune at the beginning, the characters seemed to get in the swing of things as the hour progressed.  Marshall’s undying faith in humanity proved true as Daphne (Sherri Shepard) embarks on a road trip with awkward but lovable Marshall and his son, Marvin, from Minnesota to New York for Barney and Robin’s wedding.

This takes us to the next hot topic of the hour: The Wedding.  With only one weekend and an entire season to take us there, there’s bound to be some ups and downs.  Between frantically calling relatives to make sure they’re not related by some distant moose-riding, snow mobile driving, hockey loving Canadian relative and disassembling the elaborate “décor” of Barney’s brother’s not-so-happy-anniversary suite, the Barney and Robin did manage to score some sweet, swoon-worthy moments.

Speaking of swoon-worthy moments, it seems that our dearest Lily won’t be sharing too many of them.  She’s set to be continually tipsy for the duration of the wedding weekend as she anxiously awaits the arrival of Marshall and Marvin.  On a happier note, she is the first of the gang to meet the Mother.  Viewers everywhere cheered when their inherent similarity was revealed through not-so-small small talk on the train to Farhampton.  After all, Lily’s approval is the deciding factor in any of Ted’s relationships.

Then there’s Ted, dear old Ted.  Without showing us much, the show made it clear that Ted has done some travelling.  After annoying Lily to the brink of insanity, the show alluded that he went to visit Stella in L.A. to retrieve Robin’s locket.  But did he really?  The premiere didn’t make that clear and, given the time frame that Lily left his car to the time he arrived in Farhampton, it isn’t very logical to think that he made it from coast to coast.  But hey, that’s TV magic. It seems as if fans will have to remain on the edge of their seats to find out if Ted actually is the “wild card” at the wedding.  Like future Ted narrated, it could be anyone.

Even with all the excitement of the season looming just ahead, no one could forget Ranjit.  Stemming from his debut on the very first episode, any true “How I Met Your Mother” fan knows that the premiere of the final season wouldn’t be complete without America’s favorite cab driver.