By Olivia Rivers, E23 Events Coordinator

With summer just around the corner and the Missouri weather finally deciding to stay above sixty degrees, pools and waterparks are finally starting to open up. You know what that means, right? It’s officially swimsuit season!

Now you could just pull out the same swimsuits that you’ve been wearing for the past few years, or you could finally find that perfect swimsuit that not only fits in with current swim trends but fits your body perfectly.

Whether your momma didn’t give you anything to shake, or you enjoy the shake, burger and fries combo at your local fast food chain a little too often, then this first swimsuit is perfect for you.

Missguided Swimsuit Front ViewMissguided Swimsuit Back View

Store: Missguided

Price: $25.50

Not only are plunging necklines a hot trend this summer, they’re also a perfect way to keep the attention off of your stomach if it isn’t as flat as you’d like it to be. Orange swimsuits and one-pieces are also trendy this year! And for those of us who lack a round toned butt, or the money to purchase one, swimsuits that show some of your cheeks can help distract from the flatness.

Aerie Swimsuit Front ViewAerie Swimsuit Back View

Store: Aerie

Price: $49.95

Bold prints and ruffles, whether on the same suit or not, were big trends on the runway for 2016’s swim season. Not only is a swimsuit like this cute and feminine, it’s also a more flattering style for ladies with a smaller cup size.

Striped Swimsuit Front View Striped Swimsuit Back View

Store: Missguided

Price: $25.50

For all of the fashionistas whose summer wardrobe is largely comprised of crop tops, you’ll be happy to know that high-neck crop top bikinis are a hot style this season. This particular swimsuit also hits on another popular trend that seems to be extended from spring and summer clothing trends, a retro print. If you have a short torso, then this swimsuit is even more perfect for you. The halter straps on the top and the low cut of the bottoms will help make your torso appear longer than it is.

One last tip— if you’re looking to spend less than $20 bucks on trendy swimwear, Forever 21 has a nice selection of cheap swimsuits that are lined up with current styles. I managed to snag a Baywatch-esque one piece, which is perfect for my big boobs, no butt figure, for less than $15.

Whether you plan on frequenting the beaches and pools all summer long or have no idea when you’ll even have a swimsuit appropriate outing, these 2016 trends are too cute to pass up on! Whatever your budget or body type is, there’s a swimsuit out there for you!