By Bailey Sims, E23 Reporter

For many people, the month of March is committed entirely to March Madness. While you may be annoyed by all the hype if you aren’t a basketball fan, it is possible to partake in the festivities even if you have no clue what is going on. Since our lives seem to be inundated with copious amounts of basketball talk during March, why not try to enjoy the tournament?

One of the most common things you probably hear people talking about is their brackets. Fans and even non-fans fill out brackets with predictions for all of the games and who they believe will go all the way. Groups of friends often form pools and compete against one another, and they often have cash prizes for the most accurate brackets.

Even President Obama fills out a bracket every year. This year, he chose Kansas as the champion. Kansas does have a pretty good shot at taking it all, but let’s hope as University of Missouri fans that this isn’t the case.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about basketball, I’d suggest filling out a bracket for the rest of the tournament for the fun of it. Who knows, you may end up making some very accurate predictions even if you make completely random picks. With all the upsets that have happened so far in the tournament, even the experts’ brackets have been busted. So, who knows? You may be able to create a winning bracket with no sports knowledge whatsoever!

If you don’t like sports, I’m sure you still like food. March Madness is a great time for foodies, because many restaurants have specials and deals available during game times. For example, Domino’s is offering 50 percent off of all pizzas during the tournament. KFC is offering a coupon that gets you a 10-piece feast for only $21.99. Buffalo Wild Wings has been dubbed “The Official Hangout for March Madness,” and they have introduced a variety of limited edition dishes in honor of the tournament. Some of these include crispy corn bites, Big Joe’s potato stack, and a screamin’ nacho burger. Many local restaurants are also offering discounts, so get out and explore Columbia’s cuisine at a great price.

March Madness is also a great time for social hangouts. Chances are your sports-loving friends want to watch the games with friends. So ask them if you can join them whether you care about who hits the three pointers or not. You can learn a little bit about what interests your friends, and who knows? You may even enjoy watching the game!

So go out, make a bracket, eat some food and spend time with your friends during this March Madness. Whether you are a sports fan or not, March Madness can be fun for anyone.