By Monica Roselli, E23 Reporter

It’s finally time to kick back, relax and forget about everything school-related for a magical, work-free week. With less than a week before students flock to the various warm weather states and party at coastal beaches, some students are wondering how they will enjoy break when they can’t quite get to the beach. Fear not, E23 is here for you with some tips to still enjoy the beach life without leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Find a digital beach
Going to a resort or a town on the beach can be pretty pricy. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an amazing view, Google beach scenes on your laptop. Scroll through the various pictures and find the beach scene that fits your vibe. If you’re feeling adventurous, pick a photo of a beach in another country and enjoy some international travel without leaving the comfort of your bed or couch.

2. YouTube the beach
There are tons of videos with various beach sounds. From the sounds of crashing waves, to seagulls, to the sound of a gentle breeze blowing by, YouTube has got you covered. Literally, type in “beach noise” and see what comes up. If you have a ton of time on your hands and are feeling a bit crazy, select the first video that pops up. It is over eleven hours long and will definitely get you in the beachy mood. Just close your eyes and enjoy.

3. Get in a sandbox
Just because we are college students doesn’t mean we are too old to still play in our old sandboxes. That’s right. Find a beach chair, go outside and bury your feet in your sandbox. Half the fun of going to the beach is getting to relax in the sand, so enjoy some time in your old turtle or hermit crab sandbox and think happy thoughts. Since you will be outside, don’t forget to put on some sunscreen, wear your sunglasses and of course bring your headphones or a speaker out with you for some classic beach jams.

4. Make yourself something fruity
You can’t imagine yourself at the beach without enjoying fruity drinks and food assortments. With some assistance from Google and Pinterest you will be able to find refreshing drink and food ideas that resemble those at hotels. If that is too much effort for you, a mixed fruit assortment from the local grocery store and a packet of Kool-Aid will work wonders.

5. Make Snapchat your best friend
If you can’t physically be at the beach, draw yourself into one. Fill your Snap story with various pictures of you at the “beach.” The best ways to pull off the allure of being at the beach is to take the classic shot of your legs resting on a chair and then fill in everything surrounding them. Be sure to adjust the colors used on the various aspects that make up the beach. Neither sand nor water are red so don’t draw a masterpiece with the default red doodle color.

Just because you are stuck at home for a week doesn’t mean you have to miss out on going to the beach. Don’t be afraid to get creative with making your version of paradise. Who knows, maybe an at-home beach is the best vacation a college student could ask for.