Innocent Kisses Lead to Provocative Romance

Tuesday, Nov. 8 –

Approaching such a delicate issue is never easy, but Glee producers pulled it off with zero complaints.

Perhaps inappropriately titled “The First Time,” this week’s episode of Glee all but screams “sexy time.” Die-hard Glee fans have been aching for spoilers all week, revealing that “Finchel” and “Klaine” would be gettin’ it on during Tuesday’s episode.

As the opening of West Side Story nears, Artie is doing everything possible to ensure the production goes smoothly. During rehearsal, he discovers the lack of passion between Rachel and Blaine, the leads of the play. One drunken kiss at a party doesn’t count for much, you guys. Take two!

Discovering the virgin status of his two leads, Artie sends them on a mission to awaken their sexuality. One thing leads to another, giving hardcore “shippers” something to squeal about.

Blaine returns to Dalton Academy, but only for a visit! Falling right back into place with the Warblers, Blaine joins in a stunning rendition of the hit “Uptown Girls.” Once the main soloist for the Warblers, Blaine has left quite a legacy at Dalton. New kid Sebastian Smyth has filled Blaine’s role, and upon meeting, seeks out some “Warbler to Warbler” action. Is this the start of a new romance? Or will Klaine live on?

Circumstance leads the two lovebirds to local gay bar, Scandals. While Sebastian and Blaine take to the dance floor, Kurt runs into a “bear cub” from his past at the bar. Not to be outdone by bad boy Sebastian, Kurt shimmies his way to Blaine, leading to a dance floor spectacle to be remembered.

Anxious to perfect her leading-lady role, Rachel pursues a physical relationship with Finn. Having been together, this time, for four solid months the pair couldn’t be happier. But are they really ready to take things to the next level? After all, they’ve already messed up once…

Ending with a first-rate performance and someone’s tactful first time, this week’s Glee is not an episode you want to miss.

– Tess Catlett
The Prowl
Staff Writer

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