Interlude Music Works to Help Aspiring Musicians



Lauren Petterson – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

As part of the Missouri Student Unions Entrepreneurial Program, Interlude Music helps student musicians to begin to produce their own music.

When students express that they want Interlude’s help to create music, there is a unique process that they undergo.

“You start up here in Interlude in the store and we work with you to get your ideas where you want to start, where you want to go. And we’re partnered with KCOU to help them record and mix […] their music, and then they come back to us to release it,” said Jake Eisele, the Owner and Financial Planner of Interlude Music.

Interlude also uses social media to promote their artists. Tommy Walzer, the Social Media Coordinator of Interlude Music, says that videos and photographs are important to the promotion of artists.

“If you’ve never heard of an artist, all you’ve got to do is click and watch like a one to three minute video of them performing,” Walzer said.

Social media on Twitter and Facebook allows Interlude Music to promote their artists’ music, along with future performances that they may have. The technology and communication of social media continually evolve, so when it comes to promoting their artists, Interlude experiments with promotion methods.

“Social media is kind of just learning as you go. At least right now, I don’t think there’s an exact formula for it,” Walzer said.

Aside from helping out aspiring artists, Interlude Music helps students who may want a career in business or other related career fields to have opportunities in the future. Staff members expressed that working for Interlude has helped them to have a better understanding of what different roles in operating a business are like.

“My experience here could like potentially get me an actual position at a big company doing social media for them,” Walzer said.

“I am a finance major so this is a big step for me managing finances for a business. It’s definitely helping me see what the real world may be like,” Eisele said.

Interlude Music’s staff encourages student musicians who would like to seek Interlude’s help with the promotion and production of their music to visit their shop in the Student Center.

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