By Jacob Douglas, E23 Reporter

With both of the “Walking Dead” series, to “iZombie” and “Z Nation”, TV has its fair share of zombie shows. Netflix decided it needed its own “zombie” show. Enter “Santa Clarita Diet”, a show about a zombie mom, I guess?

Drew Barrymore plays Sheila Hammond, a suburban mom and real estate agent. While showing a house with her husband (Timothy Olyphant), Sheila starts to vomit uncontrollably. Somehow, this triggers her transformation into a zombie (?). From there we follow the Hammonds and how they deal with Sheila’s zombification.

I am all for shows trying to be different. In fact I advocate for it. However, this premise is just odd and rarely works. The show can’t decide what it wants to be. One moment it’s a gross-out zombie comedy, and the next it’s a family-friendly network TV sitcom.

Often that gross-out sense of humor falls flat, and when it does the show loses all hope. If you came into this show looking for clever jokes and gags, then you are wasting your time because they are nowhere to be found.

While the writing is bad, the performances are even worse. First of all, it is a tragedy someone convinced Timothy Olyphant to be in this. Olyphant is a genuinely good actor. He is great in Justified, but his character is atrocious in this show. Olyphant is the “comedic” relief, and by comedic I mean he just screams curse words at random times.

Barrymore might be even worse. Look, this is a bad concept for a show, but it could have been executed better by almost ANYONE besides Barrymore. She may be more braindead in this show than the zombies in “The Walking Dead”.

I had trouble watching this one past the first episode. A lot of things bothered me, but one thing stood out above the rest. In the first episode, Nathan Fillion is introduced as a new real estate agent at the Hammond’s company.He instantly establishes himself as the bad guy in the episode. He tries to steal Sheila away from her husband, and is just an all around bad dude.

What really bothers me is the fact that Fillion’s character tries to steal Sheila away by forcefully dancing and flirting with her. He even tries to bribe her into sex near the end of the episode. The show makes a JOKE out of this. They treat sexual assault like a joke, and it’s not funny. At all.

Look I am just as tired of zombie shows as the next guy, but that’s not why this show suffers. The problems in this show go FAR beyond the genre. The writing, acting, and concept all are very lackluster, and I would not recommend this show to anyone.

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