Jersey Shore Sept. 29

Thursday, Sept. 29 –

This week’s episode of “Jersey Shore” was full of tears, tools and tipsiness.

After Snooki’s wild night of dirty dancing at the club in last week’s episode, Snooki’s boyfriend, Jionni, decides to leave Italy and catch the next train to get on a flight back to America. Realizing her boyfriend is gone after her drunken mistake and being unable to contact him, Snooki just wants to cry. Regardless, Snooki busts out her fuzzy white Ugg™ boots and spends her afternoon drinking and dancing to make herself feel better.

When Snooki comes back to the house, she decides to drunk call her father. She also tells JWoww how upset she was to not have a friend with her that afternoon. Like the good friend that she is, JWoww apologizes and helps her best friend with her boy problems. She even calls Jionni and tries to convince him to stay in Italy. Jionni tells the guidette gals they can meet him at the train station but when they arrive, false lashes and all, Jionni says that he has to go because his mom switched his train ticket and he cannot miss another train. This makes Snooki even more upset.

Meanwhile, Vinny pulls a prank on Deena by stacking all of her belongings in a pyramid on her bed. When Deena sees Vinny’s creation, he greets her with a big naked hug. Even though she is a little annoyed, she laughs it off even after a couch falls on her when she is cleaning up the mess.

Later that night, everyone goes out to dance and have a good time. Deena, however, was not having fun as she was having a pregnancy scare. She felt dizzy often and missed her period. Since JWoww always puts her friends first, she goes to the store with Deena to get a pregnancy test.

When they get back to the house, anticipation fills the room as Deena and JWoww wait for the results. Thankfully, the result is negative.

When they get back from the club, Snooki has a conversation with Jionni on the phone and he tells her that she dances like a pig. Upset by this, Snooki tells him she needs a break from him for a few days and hangs up. She begins to feel homesick but then, she has a great idea. If they can’t go to the Jersey Shore, they’ll bring the shore to them!

The cast recreates their favorite club on the shore, “Karma,” by placing trash on the ground, bringing in their leopard print dresses and putting Pauly D under florescent light. Mike finds a wasted Snooki and wants to take advantage of her. Snooki listens to Mike until he brings up fighting Jionni. She leaves the situation to let the rest of the house deal with Mike and his dirty obsession with her. Nobody in the house takes his side, especially after he brings up his past sexual relations with Snooki.

That night, all Snooki wants to do is cuddle with somebody. After briefly cuddling with Pauly D, Snooki decides to let him cuddle with Deena while she makes her way over to Vinny. The cuddling between Deena and Pauly D does not last long, but Vinny and Snooki’s cuddling session turns into a full out smash party. Pauly D, still in the same room, feels slightly awkward.

Will Snooki wake up remembering her night with Vinny? Will Mike apologize to Snooki and the rest of the house? Find out next time on next week’s episode of “Jersey Shore!”

-Rebecca Gale
The Prowl
Staff writer

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