Joplin Missouri: A Tornado Story

October 2, 2012


May 22, 2011. A fierce EF-5 tornado ripped through the heart of Joplin, Missouri, a town not far from our own safe haven of Columbia. This grotesque event impacted many people around the state, including Dr. Chip Gubera, film professor here at the University of Missouri. After the events of that tragic day, Dr. Gubera filmed a documentary called Joplin Missouri, a Tornado Story. This film is based on the fatal events of that spring. His documentary, which was screened in Ketchum Auditorium on Thursday September 27, 2012, inspired and opened the eyes of many and gave them a good look into what happened on that frightful day.         Dr. Gubera is also using the film to fundraise relief money for the victims of Mother Nature’s wrath. “I have raised about $2,000 for the people of Joplin by making this film already,” said Dr. Gubera, “and hopefully more relief money will be on the way.”


Aly Nielsen and Noelle Gross