Justin Timberlake is Back With ‘Suit & Tie’

Wednesday, Feb. 6-

As his first new single in over six years, Justin Timberlake is dressed to the nines this time with, “Suit & Tie”.

Though Timberlake is reviving the idea of “bringing sexy back”, he has allowed it a few years to mature beyond its original club sound of early 2006. “Suit & Tie” is tailored for a new generation of sex appeal, marrying swanky style and sultry sounds for a mod, 2013 take on the original sexy.  The song is a crisply pressed homage to everything classically sexy—Frank Sinatra, smoky late nights in Chicago, the little black dress.

Timberlake remains true to his sexy, smooth talking image, but he’s dressed things up a little, adding classic brassy sounds and dreamy beats behind sweet-nothings lyrics that are reminiscent of R&B melodies. The song starts out drawling and hazy, but Timberlake swings into airy vocals, and jazzy percussions and harps.

Timberlake doesn’t leave the 21st century behind in this vintage fantasy however. Jay-Z’s rap is the gold cufflinks to the song: sharper, harder, pairing the cunning edge of street fashion with the elegance of high-class living.

It’s not love at first listen, but after a few repeats, “Suit & Tie” courts the listener and seduces them into one more round of smooth sailing sophistication.

“Suit & Tie” is a staple item for any musical wardrobe and likely to become a classic whether you’re headed to a black tie event or just listening to it on a car ride.


-Danielle Burrage

Staff Writer

The Prowl