Key and Peele Kick-Off Homecoming Weekend

Saturday, Oct. 27-

To kick off Mizzou’s 101st Homecoming, the MSA/GPC Black Programming Committee brought in Comedy Central’s Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, better known as just Key and Peele, for the annual Homecoming Comedy Show. On Friday, Oct. 26th the comedians stopped by Jesse Auditorium to show exclusive clips from their television show and performed a number of skits for the crowded audience. Featuring Jasper Redd, this year’s comedy show did not disappoint.

Opener Jasper Redd was a nice comedic surprise for the evening. While the majority of the audience came out to see Key and Peele, Redd also scored a number of laughs. The comedian referenced Los Angeles many times during his performance. From his run-ins with basketball player Lamar Odom, to his tips on how to avoid parking tickets in L.A. (no windshield wipers), Redd quickly became a crowd favorite.

After Redd’s opening performance, a clip introduced Key and Peele, featuring fictional college football players with hysterical names. The first skit they performed took place in a fraternity house, as suggested by an audience member. When Key wanted Peele to change a joke that he said (or vice versa), Key would simply tell Peele “new choice” and a new joke would be told.

In between each skit an exclusive clip from the season finale of their second season of their television show “Key and Peele” would be shown. The clips included different sketches about a Halloween party, a gang, and price tags on hats.

Key and Peele did not leave out the audience out of the fun. For many of their skits they took suggestions from the audience. For example at one point they asked for movie suggestions, which they then used for a sketch involving scam artists. They also invited one student up to the stage to participate in a skit based in a high school that was worried about “bear-hugging”.

From beginning to end, this year’s comedy show was a success and left everyone in a great mood for the rest of their Homecoming weekend.


-Catherine Wilkins

Staff Writer

The Prowl