Kim Kardashian irrelevant in “Bound 2”

Alfie Cox, The Prowl

A lot of things have been popular in music this year. Money. Cash. Singing about royals. Once again, Kanye West has a different thing on his mind and here’s a hint- its Kim Kardashian’s boobs.

West recently released the video for his current single off of “Yeezus” called “Bound 2.” The clip, directed by Nick Knight, shows West in front of a wall and occasionally on a motorcycle spitting versus. The third aspect of the piece is what makes this yet another water cooler conversation topic for the ages: the amateur film titan that is Kim K. makes a topless appearance.

The video was well done and was a clear “middle finger salute” to anyone who had or still has an issue with West and Kardashian’s relationship. The twosome looked truly in love and wanted the world to be fully aware of this fact. The lone ranger scenario intertwining with the Wild West was a clever idea that plays off of West’s persona as the current bad boy of music.

While this is all well and good, though, some pressing questions remain. What in the world does Kim’s melons have to do with love? Or the fact that she’s shown nearly nude throughout this entire video? Or especially the fact that said melons were bouncing vigorously?

For me, this was simply yet another publicity stunt on Kardashian’s behalf to wring as much fame and notoriety from her much more famous baby daddy as possible. At least she looked spectacular. However, given the rampant use of Photoshop who knows if Kim K. actually looks that good after Nori’s birth.

Furthermore, while the video was well done in an aesthetic standpoint, there was once again no plot or narrative in this video. The images of the lovebirds cannoodling was nice but had nothing to do with the idea or new wave concept that made “Bound 2” such a standpoint track on “Yeezus.”

Take away those issues and the video is a well made, kick ass sendup to the two most recognizable faces in pop culture today. Too bad Seth Rogan and James Franco made a much cuter couple.

“Bound 3”, anyone?