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Sunday night marked the third game of the NBA Finals as the Miami Heat won game three 115-104 after the Los Angeles Lakers won the first two games. Heat forward Jimmy Butler was a one-man show as he had a 40-point triple-double. This was his first career triple-double and led the Heat in scoring, assists, rebounding and blocks. 

In the first two games, the Los Angeles Lakers held a two-game lead after winning the first game by 18 in game one and ten in game two. Many people thought the Lakers would sweep the Heat after beating them by double-digits the first two games. The addition of both starting center Bam Adebayo getting a neck injury and starting point guard Goran Dragic injuring his foot didn’t help them in the first two games. 

Adebayo is currently questionable for a game four return. When asked about the status of the injury, Adebayo said, “I’m getting better. It’s up to the medical staff. I’m trying to get back as quickly as possible. It’s really day-to-day. When they say I’m ready to play I’ll be out there.” Dragic was listed as doubtful for a return for game four. In regards to his status, Dragic said, “How I feel about it right now is probably low (percentage), but they told me it could change day to day.” 

Adebayo and Dragic have been a crucial part of this great playoff run for Miami. Throughout the playoffs, he’s averaging 17.3 points per game, including averaging 20.5 points in the Eastern Conference Finals series against the Boston Celtics. Adebayo has been putting up numbers himself throughout the playoffs as he’s been averaging 16.4 points per game and leading the team in rebounds. 

The Lakers look to extend the lead that they have to three games to one going into Game Four. Throughout this series, Laker duo LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been leading the Lakers as Davis is averaging 27.0 points per game in this series and James has averaged 27.7 points of his own. The Lakers have finished every playoff series in these 2020 playoffs in five games exactly. They look to continue that trend Tuesday night as they need two more wins to close it off. 

Going into Game Four, the Lakers look to go up 3-1 in the series as the Heat will try and even the series at two games a piece. Game Four is on ABC at 8:00pm being played from the Orlando bubble. With a return of Adebayo still in question, Game Four looks promising to be a good contest.

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