Last Tiger Standing

Last Thursday evening in the Shack, the Student Union Programing Board hosted Last Comic Standing, a stand-up competition between up-and-coming Mizzou comedians for a grand prize of $300.  This year, there were three contestants:  Justin Luke, Steve Sheehan, Dan Sheehan (no relation to Steve), Rafa Nizam, and D’Andre McKenzie.  After the first few performances, it was obvious that it would be between Steve and Dan.  Steve, being a short, hyper, loud comic, covered topics from the most recent “bear hug” Clergy report to the accuracy of phone sex to actual intercourse.  Going second, Steve drew far and away more laughs than Justin, who was just staring out in the business and was visibly nervous and uncomfortable.  Dan, following Steve, was a more relaxed routine, telling the audience about his vision of the perfect marriage proposal.  Dan drew the most laughs of the night be a small margin.  Following Dan was Rafa, who also touched on the Clergy report, then discussed the event of a report involving terrorism.  While genuinely funny, Rafa also came of as an amateur as he was holding notecards throughout his routine.  Wrapping up the evening was D’Andre, who talked about the “uppercut” youtube video of a bus driver punching a female passenger and lead into a Chris Brown comparison.

After all contestants gave their stand-up, the three judges voted via text, then the voting number was opened to the audience.  Dan Sheehan won handily, pulling all three judges’ votes for a 60 per cent lead right out of the gate, then pulled a majority of audience support.  When asked what he would spend the money on, Dan replied, “There are always bills to be paid.”


Jacob Jones