League MU Gaming Tournament Draws a Crowd

Kristen Reesor – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

The Mizzou Computing Association (MCA) hosted League MU in Benton Bingham Ballroom in Memorial Union on April 19.

The event gave students the chance to have fun playing the massive multiplayer online game “League of Legends”.

The tournament entry cost was five dollars. People could join individually or as a team. More than 100 gamers attended.

There were a few unexpected obstacles due to the large number of attendees and computers. A power outage was caused by the surplus of electronics. There were also some issues connecting to the Internet.

MCA President Drew Wetherington led the organization efforts for the event. Wetherington saw the delays as a learning opportunity for future tournaments.

“We’re going to do this every semester,” Wetherington said. “There’s a little prep work we could do next time that would majorly dissolve some of the issues we’ve had today.”

The tournament was originally going to be double-elimination. However, it was changed to single-elimination to save time after the late start. Each round lasted approximately 45 minutes.

The teams were competing to win in-game points and bonus gear. Riot, the creator of “League of Legends”, sponsored the event and supplied the prizes.

Some competitors focused their attention on winning. Other attendees enjoyed the social interaction with people who have similar interests.

“You get to meet all new people that like the same game that you like,” Ana Kolicheski said.

Thomas Stauffer has gone to gaming tournaments before.

“It’s good to see everyone come out and have a good time and know that there’s a big community to play games with people,” Thomas Stauffer said.

League MU had a large turnout for some friendly competition and fun.

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