Leukemia patient suits up and fights his demons for a day

Leukemia patient suits up and fights his demons for a day

By Priyanka Khanna, The Prowl



Make-a-Wish Foundation will help turn this child’s dream into a reality. 

Get ready everyone! On Nov. 15, havoc is about to go down…and no need for any panic, because this is all being meticulously planned.

Siskiyou County in California will be going through a series of villainous events this Friday including attempts to steal the Giants mascot Lou Seal and robberies of a downtown bank. And yet, still we insist, remain calm, there is no reason to worry. Why? Because Batkid is here!

Miles, now about to be known more formally as Batkid, is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with Leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has made it their objective to turn the dreams of sick youngsters into a reality. Clearly, Miles has a strong admiration for Batman because the foundation’s organizers have worked incredibly hard to let him take on the role of his favorite superhero.

With over 1,200 volunteers and a concise itinerary for Friday, it seems as if nothing can go wrong…except the planned evil deeds of course. With the whole county decked out to resemble “Gotham City,” Miles is about to have one unforgettable, adventurous day. So keep on the lookout for the mini Batkid this Friday, he’ll be the one in the cape!