By Isabel Lohman, Digital Director

LGBTQ Resource Center hosted a discussion about slut shaming on Wednesday to promote open conversations about issues that the LGBTQ community faces.

The event was called “Candid Chats Series: Slut Shaming!” and was the third and last installment in the series.

Four people sat on plush sofa chairs, while more people sat at a table chiming in from time to time. The attendees listened to Alli Hoerr, the leader of the discussion and a student worker at the center. Hoerr went through a powerpoint that talked about sex shaming while stopping along the way to invite discussion from her peers.

Hoerr described a discrepancy between what different groups count as a “hook up” by referencing a 2014 article published in The Atlantic. She also showed a Vox video that mocks society’s  “two impossible standards” of women to be both pure and sexy.

After Hoerr went through her slides, Kace Rosenberg explained that they finds slut-shaming to be detrimental to mental health. Rosenberg said that as a lesbian, they hate the idea that some men think it is appropriate to ask them to kiss their girlfriend for the men’s’ own pleasure.

“Where do I win,” they asked.

Rosenberg said they would be labeled as a prude if they didn’t participate in sexual acts but would be looked down upon if they expressed their sexuality too much.

Bryan Mink, an MU student, said that the LGBTQ community is guilty of slut-shaming as well. He said that some members of the LGBTQ community think that polyamorous individuals are making it harder for the LGBTQ community to be accepted.

He stressed that those in polyamorous consensual relationships should be allowed to lived their lives and that others should not concern themselves with the details of other people’s relationships.

Hoerr wanted this discussion to bring awareness to both the LGBTQ community and anyone else willing to listen. She hopes the conversation will continue past this event and encouraged attendees to grab a “stop slut shaming” button on their way out.

This event was part of the LGBTQ Center’s celebration of pride month. The full calendar can be seen here.

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