Listen, Believe, and Support

Listen, Believe, and Support


Nina Ruhe – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Listen, Believe, and Support was the central message at the Rape and Sexual Violence Prevention Center on Thursday Night when discussing what to do when a friend or loved one experiences sexual assault.

The RSVP center follows a system of educating, preventing, and responding, as well as pushing the message of listen, believe, and support.

RSVP Center Coordinator, Danica Wolf, explained that even though it may be hard to hear about a friend or loved one getting sexually assaulted, the best thing to do is to listen without judgment or criticism.

She stressed that whenever someone comes forward about being sexually assaulted, we must believe them.

“If someone trusts you enough to open up to you, it’s huge.” said Wolfe.

“It’s a great way to bring awareness to what’s happening on campus. There’s not an increase in sexual assaults, but there’s been an increase in reporting. I think that a social change is happening, and I think that’s a great thing.” said MU Student Kimi Nolte, in response to the MUPD emails sent to students regarding sexual assaults around campus.

In addition to educating students about rape and sexual violence, the RSVP Center also provides information about green dots, relationship violence, and stalking.

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