Louis the Child’s energy made for an unforgettable concert

Louis the Child had lyrics up on screen while they preformed.

By Alaina Randazzo

Louis The Child put on a dance-out, sold-out concert to say the least. The new and upcoming EDM duo opened their stage with a remix of the song “Inside out” originally by The Chiefs. The crowd could not get enough of their music.

Louis The Child are known for their amazing remixes of upbeat tunes turned EDM. They carried on the concert with remixes of “Electric Love” by Børns. (One of my personal favorites, who doesn’t get their mood hyped up x 1000 when they hear that song?) Other remixes like “Weekend” by Icona Pop, “Blasé” by Ty Dollar $ign.

They also played origional songs like “Fire”, “Love is Alive”, It’s Strange” and their new hit single “Phone Died.” It is clear the duo thrives off promoting positivity and lighting up the inner creativity in everybody. They could not have been happier up on stage as they announced multiple times:

“Thank you guys so much you have made our dream come true, this is our one and only dream to be up here for you guys and we can’t believe its finally happening”.

They took a moment to talk about their new EP album “Love is Alive” in which they are all about spreading the love.  For a new and up coming EDM duo they surely know how to do their thing together. And they’re good at it.

The love in the air for them was astonishing. They blew the crowd away with their weekend jams that would make anyone feel like throwing a dance party.

The concert was full of energy and fun!

Louis The Child had their stage set up with multiple flashing lights, their own personal, creative stage set up with on screen lights that hit the beat to every song and a screen on their DJ stand with lyrics on it as well. Hopefully you will come back to The Blue Note again soon Louis! You have made your mark on Columbia; we miss you already!

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