MADELYN IRIS: Feminist and Beautiful

By: DJ Pointer, E23 Reporter

“I ended up being the girl that was bullied every day in elementary [school], to the girl who won prom queen her junior year of high school,” claims the ingenious musical mind and song-writer Maddy Munsell or as you know her Madelyn Iris. She reflects on herself growing up as a victim of bullying and suffering from the one disease that could make any girl in the world break down to tears: alopecia.

Maddy is a junior and a vocal performance major here at MU. Even though her disease has caused her to lose her hair since she was 18 months old, she hasn’t loss her talent or her ambition for making music. Her evergreen spirit and unique style of music has lead her music career to never-ending opportunities. These include a T.V. interview on KSDK Television Network in St. Louis, to having one of the most talk-about EP’s this year, “Adventures,” which is available now on iTunes, Sound Cloud, Spotify and many other digital music sites. Munsell is also releasing her new music video on March 7, “Ghost,” which is a popular song on her EP. Munsell states that she came out of the womb dancing and singing. Her connections at MU with her sorority as well as the many different students and backgrounds she has met have helped her spread her music abilities throughout Columbia and access other outlets as well.

With her already amazing feministic quality of having a shaved head Munsell’s life plans don’t stop at making amazing music and writing songs. She wants to take a big leap forward in becoming an activist for women in the music industry today. “Women are not a priority in music, neither a majority in any way,” said Munsell. She hopes to be the power force to break the “glass ceiling” that stand in the way of women becoming top producers, editors, and artists in the industry.

“I want to see a women on stage that isn’t Beyoncé that can come out there and have everyone respect her for being her and no one else,” said Munsell.

Munsell prays to see equality in the industry by the end of her life. With her loveable persona and memorable style, the thought of making a change in the world of music is just a definite possibility. With her head held high, and the love of music on her side it’s not hard to say that Madelyn Iris is going a long way in her career as a feminist and as an artist.