By Jake Mosher and Rachel Schwartz, 23News reporters

With the election taking place next week, the Maneater hosted the second MSA presidential debate between the “Show Your Stripes” campaign and the “All In” campaign.

The “All In” campaign is made up of MSA Presidential Candidate Solomon Davis and Vice Presidential Candidate Bri Dinwiddie. The “Show your Stripes” campaign is headed by Presidential Candidate Jen Sutterer and Vice Presidential Candidate Mary O’Brien.

The two campaigns answered questions written by the Maneater staff. Both parties were also asked questions sent in by the Twitter community.

One of the primary topics discussed was Greek Life at MU. When asked about changes to a rule about freshman living in house, both campaigns agreed that it should be up to the individual organization to make that decision.

“Our number one commitment as the changes in Greek Life continue, is to make sure students don’t feel like the choices are being made for them,” said Davis.

Sutterer echoed this, saying, “I also think that Greek organizations should be able to decide if Freshman are allowed to live in the house.”

Three themes were emphasized by both parties throughout the night. These included increased student involvement in MSA, holding the administration accountable and transparency while in office.

Student health was a big concern for both parties. The “All In” Campaign has a specific plan to improve mental health on campus. Davis and Dinwiddie proposed the idea of creating virtual visits so that students can avoid excessive wait times.

“Student health has made the commitment to us that you can go online in the future and make appointments online,” Davis said. “We are excited for this to be implemented.”

Sutterer and O’Brien emphasized improving mental health as well, but with a different approach.

“We want to put the MU counseling center online,” Sutterer said. “By putting it online, we hope to make waiting times more efficient and create an air of inclusivity.”

The aspect of the “Show Your Stripes” Campaign that they said was unique to them was “income sharing agreements.” Sutterer said it is a better alternative to student loans since it does not look at a student’s financial past.

Davis responded to this proposal by saying, “ income sharing is not the best fit for everyone. It is not a one size fits all approach.”

The parties were then given the chance to ask their opponent one question. Dinwiddie asked the “Show Your Stripes” Campaign, “In your platform, how will you go about representing women of color, trans women and women with disabilities?”

O’Brien responded saying, “We don’t know what they feel. We aren’t in their shoes. But we will listen to them and work with them collaboratively.”

When it was their turn, Sutterer asked “All In” about how they plan to implement their idea of virtual medical visits for students.

Davis responded saying, “our plan is calling for is more advocacy. We are saying that the insurance that is being offered should cover virtual visits.”

Voting for the MSA presidential election takes place from March 4 to March 6.

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